Saturday February 4th

Location: Centennial High School 

14388 N 79th Ave

Peoria AZ


Date: Saturday, February 4th 2023

Doors Open at 8:00 am

See Categories Below!





NON TUMBLING CHEER - Routine must use cheerleading style technique. Each routine must blend combination of jumps, vocal cheering, rhythmic, precision dance section and a display of precision throughout with strong sharp movements. This is a Non-Tumbling division.


SHOW CHEER Routine must use cheerleading style technique. Each routine must blend combination of jumps, vocal cheering and a display of precision throughout with strong sharp movements. Stunting and tumbling appropriate to group level. Must adhere to all AACCA Safety rules and regulations for all advanced stunting and tumbling maneuvers.







  • This category combines 3 divisions into one performance.

  • Teams will perform the following routines in the below order to fulfill the “All-In-One” category:

‒Fight Song

‒Spirit Raising Category

‒Performance Routine

  • Time limitations: 1:00 minute for each routine. Timing will begin with the first organized movement, voice or note of music, whichever comes first.  Timing will end with the last beat of music or organized movement.  Timing will be recorded for each routine.

  • A team may begin on or off the performance floor for the start of the Fight Song. They must remain on the performance floor for the start of the Band Chant and Performance Routine.

  • Each routine will have a beginning and an end. Teams are encouraged to show spirit to the crowd between each routine.

  • The use of poms is required for all female members during the Fight Song and Band Chant. For the Performance Routine, the use of poms is permitted, but not required.

  • Props and/or costuming are not permitted.

  • This division is exactly like the requirements from Varsity Game All-in-One Division


POM Routine should consist of visuals effects, synchronization, clean/sharp pom motions and technical skills. Visual effects include level changes, opposition, group work, transitions and formations. Emphasis should be placed on proper pom/motion technique, proper dance technique, timing, and showmanship. All female members must use two pompons for 80% of the routine.










CONTEMPORARY - A routine that combines both lyrical and modern movements.


HIP HOP - Routine must demonstrate street dance styles: hip hop, funk, freestyle, house, grooves, popping, locking, breakdancing, etc (may include up to 2 gymnastic feats).


JAZZ - Routine using jazz technique, complex rhythms and patterns, isolations and executes moves and steps that are energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns.


PRODUCTION –  Routine emphasis must be on characterization or be of a unique, thematic nature. Entrants must use clever costumes and unusual or innovative moves to convey the thematic character-driven choreography. Small sets are allowed. (Sets must be safe for gym floors)


OPEN – Any dance style that does not fully fit into the above descriptions, examples: Tap, Character, Musical Theater, Ballet, etc. Routine may be of any combination of styles.


Beginning/Intermediate Level This competition level division is for dancers with 1-3 years’ experience. Groups should compete in the level that is consistent with most of the group members’ abilities.


Advanced Level This competition level is for top-level competitive dancers who perform at an advanced technical level. All entries will be adjudicated, and will receive High Score Awards.