Please read carefully the following rules and regulations as failure to comply could result in disqualification.



Online registration must be received one month prior to competition to qualify for Early Registration. Any entries received after the deadline will be assessed a $5.00 per competitor late entry fee.



All entry fees may be paid through mail with a School District Check, Money Order or Studio Business Check. Personal Checks are not an acceptable form of payment. You are not considered a registered contestant unless we have received full payment. Credit Card Payment may be made over the phone.



If you have not paid by one of these methods, you run the risk of your routines being pulled from the competition.

Entry Fees are listed below.

No refunds will be issued after October 1st

Competition Fees:

  • Solos $25.00

  • All other Divisions: $20 Per competitor (Maximum cap per studio or school is $400.00 in registration fees)


*Early Registration ends one month prior to Competition date

After this date Registration fees will be:

Solos $30.00

All other Divisions: $25.00 per competitor (Maximum cap for late registration is $450.00)

Performance Order/Schedules

All teams will be given an assigned check-in and warm-up time prior to competition.

Warm up areas will vary depending on the competition location.

The Head Coach/Director will be emailed a tentative line up with performance times at least 10 days prior to the competition. These times are subject to change. The final schedule will be available by checking wightnoisedancecompany.com website the Wednesday prior to your competition. 

Final line-up will be handed out at the Coaches meeting which takes place the morning of competition.

Performance Times

All Entries must compete on the day and time assigned, and we run in numerical order. All entries that do not compete at their assigned day and time will automatically be adjudicated and ineligible for a high score award. Any change in competition days and/or times is at the sole discretion of Wight Noise Dance Company and will be determined by the amount of time available at the Competition. Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, a slight shift in the running order may occur. Please alert WNDC Staff if there are any scheduling issues.

Judges are looking for enthusiasm and showmanship during entrances and exits. Teams and individuals are encouraged to move on and off the floor as quickly as possible.

Performance Area

Performance boundaries at competitions will be a ½ court regulation basketball court for all Pom and Dance divisions. All Cheer, groups will have a carpet bonded foam cheer mat on the performance area that measures 54’x42’.

There will be no practicing on the performance floor prior to the competition. There will be practice mats in the warm-up area to practice stunts and tumbling. Spring floors will not be used for school-based cheer divisions. All stunts and/or tumbling must be executed on the mat. A warning will be given for any infraction of this rule. A 3-point penalty will be assessed for any stunting or tumbling executed off of the mat. You will not receive a penalty if you step off of the mat at CFC (not tumbling or stunting related)

Competition Standards for Spotters

“Team Spotters” = are part of the performing team and required as part of specific types of stunting/pyramid/toss, etc. skills.

“Additional (Routine) Spotters” = Individuals on the competition floor provided as a safety precaution to spot certain elements of a routine. These are in addition to the team and do not take the place of “team spotters” required by specific types of stunting/pyramid/toss, etc. skills. In an effort to promote a higher level of safety for competing athletes, CFC will provide additional spotters.

School and recreational/youth cheer programs do not always have a large number of staff and coaches available to spot routines. Therefore, to help ensure that the safety of participants is not compromised due to limited number of team provided spotters, “additional (routine) spotters” will be provided by CFC.


Spotters” will be mandatory on the competition floor. Reminder – To provide the safest competitive environment, teams should not attempt skills beyond their ability level.


Safety Rules  2 points will be deducted from the final team average score for EACH occurrence of a safety rule violation or specialty skill/level restriction. For all cheer groups the AACCA rules will be enforced.

Entrance Time Limit Requirements

Teams have 30 seconds to enter/exit the floor.

Competition timing and judging begins with the first beat of the music and ends with the last beat of the music for all Dance and Pom categories.

Time  For all divisions timing will begin on the first note of music, the first vocal command (for cheer squads), the first organized cheer or the first movement, and will stop with the end of the cheer or last note of the music.

Choreographed entrances and exits will not be judged. Penalties will be deducted from the final averaged score for going over the total routine time limit.


Penalties will be assessed as follows: 1-10 seconds over = 1 point penalty; 11-20 seconds over = 2 point penalty, etc.

For show cheer teams, up to 1:30 (90 seconds) of the routine may be performed to music. There is no restriction as to the proportion of the music section(s) used in relation to the cheer only section(s). Penalties will be deducted from the final averaged score for going over the 1:30 total music time limit. Penalties will be assessed as follows: 1-10 seconds over = 1 point penalty; 11-20 seconds over = 2 point penalty, etc.

In Pom, all female members must use two poms for at least half of the routine. There will be a 1 point penalty for every 5 seconds under the time requirement for pom use. (1-5 seconds under = 1 point penalty; 6-10 seconds under = 2 point penalty, etc.)


Due to the variability in sound systems, you should build in leeway in your routine to avoid timing penalties. It is suggested that routines end 3-5 seconds prior to the routine length time limit.

Uniforms In all High School Spirit divisions, an official school uniform that is worn for game/sideline cheering or performing must be worn (i.e. skirt and top).

Cheer gyms and studios should also wear appropriate cheer style uniforms.


Costuming is  allowed in all dance divisions. 

Shoe Wear - Toe Thongs, lyric sandals, jazz shoes may be worn for an style of dance. Tennis shoes are appropriate footwear for hip hop.

Appropriateness of Choreography, Music, and Outfitting - All facets of a performance or routine, including choreography, music selection and outfitting, should be suitable for family viewing and listening. Uniforms for all team types should be appropriate for the age of the participants performing the routine. In general, performances from school-based teams, including but not limited to the actual routine, signs, cheers, chants and hand signals/gestures, should adhere to outfitting, performance and music guidelines and criteria in place and approved by the administration or institution which the team represents. Deductions will be given for vulgar or suggestive choreography, which includes, but is not limited to, movements such as hip thrusting and inappropriate touching, gestures, hand/arm movements and signals, slapping, positioning of body parts and positioning to one another. Deductions will be given for music or words unsuitable for family listening, which includes, but is not limited, to profanity 5 and connotations of any type of sexual act or behavior, drugs, mention of specific parts of the body, and/or violent acts or behavior. Removing improper language or words from a song and replacing with sound effects or other words may be considered inappropriate, and deductions will be made accordingly. Any uniform or music in which the appropriateness is questionable or with which uncertainty exists should be submitted to WNDC prior to competing.

General Safety and Info

Cheer for Charity and/or its competition personnel reserves the right to delete, combine, or divide categories and divisions as deemed necessary. If categories/divisions are altered, adjustments will be made in the awards. An individual may not compete against her/himself in the same division/category (i.e. two Group Stunt teams). An individual may not participate on two teams within the same category type and/or division.


IMPORTANT! - There will be no CD player capability. All music must be on phone or Mp3 player of some sort. If you are using your phone, please make sure all notifications are turned off and volume is at appropriate level before arriving at the sound table.



 Contestants will be required to record their own music on an iPod or Mp3 player.  All music should be recorded at proper speed. For emergencies, it is advisable to have a back up iPod available. Please put all competition music in its own playlist.



iPods must be clearly labeled with the Studio Name on the back of the iPod. Please create an individual playlist for each and every routine with only that one song in each playlist. This allows the song to play in its entirety without jumping to the next song. The playlist must be labeled with the team name, division and title. 



Coaches must report to music table as their team enters the gym. Coaches or representative will push "play" themselves. 



Entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis and will be limited to the amount of performance time available. WNDC reserves the right to move the competition location due to unforeseen circumstances. This also includes starting early if necessary.

*All contestants grant permission to the directors of to use their photographs and/or videos or to appear on local and/or national television to promote its competitions.


*Smoking is prohibited in the competition area. *The Rules will be evaluated and enforced on an individual basis, based on what is best for all parties involved. *Sportsmanlike behavior is expected at all times. Failure to display proper decorum could result in immediate disqualification. This includes attempting to recruit students from other studios to attend yours at competition. and the hosting facility are not responsible for personal injury or property loss. *A panel of well-qualified judges will judge contestants, and all decisions of the judges will be accepted as final.


NON FLASH photography is permitted.


Each participant must have his/her own personal insurance. All competitors must submit a CFC Medical Release and Appearance Form at each competition in order to compete. The host facility, the host facility district, the directors/sponsors and/or Wight Noise Dance Company and Cheer for Charity will not be responsible or held liable for any injuries occurring at Cheer for Charity competition.

First aid staff will be on site at all competitions to provide assistance for emergencies only. Taping of wrists/ankles for individual performers will not be provided, unless medically necessary to treat an injury.


Food and drinks will be available for purchase throughout the competition. Food purchased at the competition venue may not be permitted inside the performance venue. Food purchased outside of the competition venue is not permitted inside the performance venue at any location.


Limited dressing rooms and/or restrooms will be available on a limited basis. WNDC and/or the host facility will not be responsible for any lost or stolen articles.



Two complimentary admissions will be allotted at registration to each competing School for each division in which they have a team registered for advisors, Instructors and/or coaches. Recreational/Studios will be allotted a maximum of 2 complimentary admissions. Additional tickets for spectators, advisers, coaches and/or “routine spotters” may be purchased at the door for each competition.


Sample score sheets for all WNDC competitions will be available on-line by visiting wightnoisedancecompany.com. You must visit the WNDC website for a complete listing of division breakdowns and rules for both Recreational/Studio and High School Spirit.


Teachers should check students in backstage on a timely basis. Teachers are permitted to remain backstage for an appropriate amount of time to prepare their students and watch their performance. Backstage areas need to remain clear of dancers, parents, and teachers and stay organized all other times.




Each entry will be competing in the division that most closely represents their team size, category and technical skill level. Cheer for Charity reserves the right to combine divisions due to limited #'s. This will only affect size and category, not technical skill level. 


Places will be determined by the # of entries in the division.  

# of entries:                               Places Awarded

3 or less                                     1st

4-5                                              1st & 2nd

5-10                                            1st, 2nd & 3rd

11 or more                                 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th



JUDGE’S SCORE SHEETS/CRITIQUES: will be dispersed immediately following Awards ceremony.