Large studio Master Class rental fees

$4 per person in attendance.

Guest artist must pay a $20 deposit in order to secure studio time.

$20 is also the minimum payment accepted regardless of # of students in attendance. Artist sets their own price point for attendees.

Wight Noise will handle all "at door" transactions, accounting and pay out to Artist at the end of the class.

Overage charges are as follows:

15 minutes overtime will be charged an additional $5 fee (on top of regular rent)

30 minutes overtime will be charged an additional $10 fee (on top of regular rent) 


Book directly by phone 623 398-6621

Venmo $20 deposit to @wndcdance Rachel Wight                    

Rental prices for Rehearsals, Photo Shoot, Video shoot

                            Large Studio            Small Studio

1 hour                           $50                          $25

*Rentals are fully staffed by WNDC Staff member.

$20 Deposit required upon booking studio for any of these.

Wedding Receptions

Master Classes/Rehearsals/Photo Shoots

Rent Wight Noise Dance Studio for your Wedding Reception!

Up to 100 people

A variety of packages and settings available. We work with you to make your day extra special.

Included in our wedding reception packages:

  • Seating for any number up to 100 people

  • All table settings

  • Cake table and Cake

  • DJ

  • Lighting

  • Decoration

  • Servers/Bar tenders

  • CALL US TODAY TO TALK ABOUT YOUR BIG DAY! 623 398-6621 or e-mail


Performance Venue:

60-seat, Studio theater. Accommodates a wide range of creative projects for theater, readings, performances, etc.

Included in Studio Theater Rental for production:

  • 60 seat folding chairs set in riser fashion

  • Use of lobby including bathroom, Microwave and small refrigerator

  • 16-channel lighting rep plot and board

  • P/A system

  • House speaker and mixer with input for ipod/computer

  • Technical director

General Specs:​​

  • Dressing Room (Studio A) 500 square feet

  • Lobby bathroom, Theater bathroom

  • Free Wifi

  • 40' wide x 24' deep performance space.

  • Seats 60 audience members. Folding chairs set in riser fashion

Performance Rates for weekend show (includes full day for tech and dress, and 2 days of performance)- $500

Weekend performance rate to include:

  • Friday all day technical/dress rehearsal

  • Saturday and Sunday performance days

  • 60 chair theater seating

  • Lighting and sound technician

Additional rehearsal time available at regular rates.


  • Our parties are 2 hours in length, however extra time is available for an extra fee.

  • A professional dance or cheer instructor will be your hostess for the entire length of the party.

  • The Party Professional will lead  games, warm-up, and a fun dance or cheer routine that matches your party theme.

  • We allow about 30 minutes for cake and presents.

  • Each guest must have a waiver signed on file prior to party.

  • Host parent can get these ahead of time.  

Parents provide:

Cake, drinks, candles, and any other food or snack you desire.

Parents can provide extra decorations if desired and may arrive 30 minutes prior to party to do so. 

Thanks! Message sent.


9800 North 91st Ave Suite 120

Peoria, AZ 85345