(1 Performer) Note: Soloists are limited to entering a maximum of three (3) solo categories at CFC Competition.


(2-3 Performers) No more than 50% of a Duet/Trio may be the same person, and compete against themselves, in the same age division in the same performance category. The exact same performers may not place more than once for High Score in the Duet/Trio Division.


Divisions will be decided after all registrations have been accepted. Divisions will be determined by the natural "break" in competition teams.



For Solos, Duets/Trios, Small Groups, Medium Groups and Large Groups age divisions will apply for JAZZ, OPEN, CONTEMPORARY, AND HIP HOP only. PRODUCTION category will be an open age group, meaning there can be a combination of all age groups in the Production division. All Performance Divisions will compete as the following age groups: 7-12, 13-up except for Production.


For Duets/Trios and Groups: You must compete in the age division that the age or age average of the group comes to.



Solos (1 Performer) – 2:30 minutes max

Duets/Trios – 3:00 minutes max

Small/Medium/Large Group – 3:30 minutes max

Production Group – 5:00 minutes max

Description of Performance Division

SHOW CHEER - Routine must use cheerleading style technique. Each routine must blend combination of jumps, vocal cheering, rhythmic, precision dance section and a display of precision throughout with strong sharp movements. This is a Non-Tumbling division.


STUNTING/TUMBLING CHEER Routine must use cheerleading style technique. Each routine must blend combination of jumps, vocal cheering and a display of precision throughout with strong sharp movements. Stunting and tumbling appropriate to group level. Must adhere to all AACCA Safety rules and regulations for all advanced stunting and tumbling maneuvers.


A routine that combines both lyrical and modern movements.


HIP HOP - Routine must demonstrate street dance styles: hip hop, funk, freestyle, house, grooves, popping, locking, break dancing, etc (may include up to 2 gymnastic feats).


Routine using jazz technique, complex rhythms and patterns, isolations and executes moves and steps that are energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns.


PRODUCTION –  Routine emphasis must be on characterization or be of a unique, thematic nature. Entrants must use clever costumes and unusual or innovative moves to convey the thematic character-driven choreography. Small sets are allowed. (Sets must be safe for gym floors)


Any dance style that does not fully fit into the above descriptions, examples: Tap, Character, Musical Theater, Ballet, etc. Routine may be of any combination of styles.

Competitive Division Levels

DETERMINING LEVELS: The following guidelines are suggestions to be used in determining the appropriate level placement of the competitors. Because no competition can possibly know how many hours a child dances or for how many years they have danced, it is left to the teachers’ own sound judgment when entering level placement for their students.


Novice: This competition level division is for dancers with 1-2 years’ experience. Groups should compete in the level that is consistent with most of the group members’ abilities.


Intermediate Level: This competition level division is for dancers with 2-3 years’ experience. Groups should compete in the level that is consistent with most of the group members’ abilities.


Advanced Level: This competition level is for top-level competitive dancers who perform at an advanced technical level. All entries will be adjudicated, and will receive High Score Awards.


ASSIGNING LEVELS: Again, Dancers’ placement in each division is to be determined by the teacher’s discretion. Studios will be required to assign a competition level for each performer when they are entered in our registration system. Routines may be moved to a higher competition level, but never a lower level. Please be certain that you are entering your performers in the proper performance level when inputting your registration data. This CANNOT be changed after the schedule is completed.

Adjudication of Awards: Point System

Each entry will be competing in the division that most closely represents their team size, category and technical skill level. Cheer for Charity reserves the right to combine divisions due to limited #'s. This will only affect size and category, not technical skill level. 


Places will be determined by the # of entries in the division.  

# of entries:                               Places Awarded

3 or less                                     1st

4-5                                              1st & 2nd

5-10                                            1st, 2nd & 3rd

11 or more                                 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th



JUDGE’S SCORE SHEETS/CRITIQUES: will be dispersed immediately following Awards ceremony.  

Choreography Award

This award will be presented to a Group based on choreographic design and overall impression.

Checking in Backstage

Teachers should check students in backstage on a timely basis. Teachers are permitted to remain backstage for an appropriate amount of time to prepare their students and watch their performance. Backstage areas need to remain clear of dancers, parents, and teachers and stay organized all other times.

General Safety and Info

*A dancer may never stand, kneel or lie down above 7 feet from the stage floor level.


*All contestants grant permission to the directors of to use their photographs and/or videos or to appear on local and/or national television to promote its competitions.


*Smoking is prohibited in the competition area. *The Rules will be evaluated and enforced on an individual basis, based on what is best for all parties involved. *Sportsmanlike behavior is expected at all times. Failure to display proper decorum could result in immediate disqualification. This includes attempting to recruit students from other studios to attend yours at competition. and the hosting facility are not responsible for personal injury or property loss. *A panel of well-qualified judges will judge contestants, and all decisions of the judges will be accepted as final.


NON FLASH photography is permitted.


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