What to Wear

Proper class attire promotes success!

Please see below for your class attire

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All Ballet classes including Petite Combo, Mini Ballet, Ballet I and Ballet II are required to wear the appropriate leotard color, tights and shoe wear as listed on the BALLET link above

All other classes (except any level of Contemporary) should wear the Color coded T-shirt for their level and black bottoms (including spandex shorts, capris, leggings or joggers)

Please click the "Jazz & Hip Hop REQUIRED attire" button above to order

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Drop off/Pick up Procedures

Please drop off participants 5-10 minutes prior to their first class. Punctuality is an expectation in our program. Please pick your child up right when their last class ends. We expect all students to wait inside for their parents to pick them up so they are not waiting outside without supervision. Repeat late pick-ups or pick-ups over 15 minutes past closing are subject to service fees for our staff to stay late with your child. Thank you in advance for dropping off and picking up your student on time.

What to Wear to Class

Hair– Hair should be neatly tied back off the face at all times. Bangs should be pinned back using clips or bobby pins. Please securely fasten your child’s hair for their safety and the safety of others. Students with very short hair (above shoulder length) need to tie their hair back at least half up. Ballet/Tap classes should please wear a bun when possible (we understand that many students have several classes in a row).

Clothing– All students should be in Dance appropriate clothing for dance classes which includes

Please see Class Uniform link above for appropriate class wear


All students should be wearing appropriate footwear for their cheer, dance and tumbling classes. Cheer and tumbling should wear their white cheer shoes to all practices. If you do not have cheer shoes, clean tennis shoes are acceptable as well. Please only wear cheer/tennis shoes inside in the gym in order to keep our mats clean and sanitary. Jazz/Contemporary classes can dance barefoot, in socks, or in the assigned footwear per the teacher’s recommendation. Hip Hop classes must wear closed toe hip hop shoes at all times. If you do not have hip hop shoes, clean tennis shoes are acceptable as well. Ballet/Tap classes must wear pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes.


For the safety of your participant, as well as others, no long nails, jewelry of any kind or gum are allowed.

What to Bring to Class

All students should bring a cheer or dance bag with them to class at all times. This is important in keeping our gym clean, organized, as well as, sending information home to parents.

Items to pack in my Cheer/Dance bag:

  • Cheer/dance clothes (if coming straight from school)

  • Cheer/dance shoes

  • Water bottle

  • Snacks

  • Cool packs/athletic tape/braces for injuries

  • Extra hair ties/bobby pins/clips

  • Bandaids/Medicine

  • Feminine products/deodorant

Attendance, Absences & Make-Up Class Policy

Attendance is a vital part of the any successful program. All students registered for class should attend each week, as not to fall behind and to maximize the success of the team/group.

Any student who misses a cheer, dance or tumbling class will be allowed a make-up lesson in a similar class (max 2 per semester.) 

Please note that there are several months within the school year that there are 5 classes for the month instead of the normal 4. Wight Noise Dance Company does not charge extra money for 5 week months! This is an added benefit for being a part of our organization! Thank you for your continued support as we try to keep class pricing as affordable as possible!

Should your child need to be absent from class, please email on the contact page with the following information.

  • Students Name

  • Date of Absence

  • Classes Students Will Be Absent From

  • Reason for Absence