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  • 45 minute per week for the entire month = $50 per month

  • 1 hour per week for the entire month = $60 per month

  • 2 hours per week for the entire month = $100 per month

  • 3 hours per week for the entire month = $130 per month

  • 4 hours per week for the entire month = $155 per month

  • 5 hours per week for the entire month = $175 per month

  • 6 hours per week for the entire month = $195 per month

  • UNLIMITED hours per week for the entire month = $210 per month


Drop in Single Class - $10.00 

4 Class Series - $38.00

8 Class Series - $72.00

12 Class Series - $102.00

16 class series - $128.00

20 class series - $150.00

24 class series - $168.00

All series cards expire at the end of the season. 

Series cards may not be used for master classes or Guest Artists


Discounts/Pro-Rating/Trial Classes

  • Upon registration, the first month’s tuition will be prorated based on the start day.

  • Trial Classes are available at $12 per class. Trial classes can be applied towards registration fee, as long as registration occurs on the same day as the trial lesson for that month.

  • Sibling discount available = 20% off per month discount for each additional child.

  • Private Lessons = $30 for every 30 minutes

Registration Fee

  • Each participant will be required to pay a 1 time annual $30 registration fee for new students, $15 for returning students. 

  • Same household family members registration fee is $15.00

Cheer Uniform/Pom uniform/Dance Costume Fees

  • Mini Cheer Team Uniforms: $85.00 for the “Bow to Toe” package.

  • Junior Cheer Competition Team Uniforms: $140.00 "Bow to Toe" Package

  • We are currently on year two of our normal two year rotation on cheer uniforms. All cheer teams will need new uniforms in August 2018.

  • Dance Class recital Costumes: range between $50.00- $60.00 per costume. We at WNDC do our best to make costuming affordable for our students families. Shoes will be purchased separately by the parents for dance classes.

  • Dance costumes are updated each season.

  • Tumbling Classes/Strength & Flexibility Classes: No uniforms or uniform fees associated with the class

  • All uniforms/costumes are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Tuition Payment information

  • Wight Noise will be requiring all clients to sign up for either Auto-pay or Bill-pay. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • If you choose Bill-pay, payment must be received in the studio mail by the first of each month. If you choose Auto-pay, tuition will be posted on the 1st of each month. 

  • Cancellation/Refund Policy

  • All Wight noise Dance Company classes run from August through June. Each client will be set up on an auto review program, where their account will be charged on the 1st of each month for that upcoming month of lessons.

  • There are no contracts or breaking fees associated with these purchases.

  • Please note that once a purchase has been made on the 1st of the month, all classes and purchases within that month are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • To cancel your contract at any time for the upcoming month, please be sure to let Wight noise Dance company Accounting staff know prior to the 1st of the upcoming month.

  • Any participant credits expire at the end of the season (June 30th). Be sure to use your positive balances prior to the end of the year for uniforms, private lessons, and make up lessons, etc.

Processing Fee Policy

  • All monthly withdraws that are unable to be processed on the 1st of the month will be charged an additional $5 processing fee.

  • Only students who have successfully paid their tuition on the 1st of the month will be allowed to participate in their scheduled classes.

  • Email receipts are sent for all purchases and tuition auto-pays.

  • The $5 processing fee is not a late fee, but rather a fee that is associated with the cost to run your card and the charges from the credit card processing fees. This also accounts for the time for communications to be made and updated payment received. Processing fees will not be reversed so be sure that at the end of the month you are prepared for the withdrawal on the 1st.